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Who We Are

We are a eco-friendly company that believes that with sustainable practices we can make our full mean more;  we are a company that helps push fellow artist, crafters, and just down right talented people to the front with product from a variety of art forms. Our core belief is when you feed your body you not just feeding your stomach but that your feeling your mind and soul as well.

Generate excitement

Our company offers Caribbean craze menu that is by request only for those who spice up they're life; it features many dishes from the islands; like conch salads, sweet cakes, curries, stews and so much more. Our chef are rooted deep in this culture but love international food all together. Many of them focus on food fusion and the skills of Molecular Gastronomy. We also do food art and center pieces for gala events.

Close the deal

We work with all budgets! We know that the events that we cater are important to our customers; so they're just as important to us. From the small intimate get-together for the first date to the large th need


Healthy Options

Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. Our goal is provide delicious, natural options. That's why we prepare all of our meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We offer our weekly meal plans for those looking to save some time in their busy day. For those who have a fitness goal but not the time to commit to researching healthy food options we also have meal plans for that as well.


Are you looking for someone to provide the food at your next event? Large or small, we do it all! Get in touch to start planning the perfect meal for a business lunch, wedding, cocktail reception, and more!

Meal Planning

In today's culture of unhealthy fast foods, eating well can be difficult. Don't know where to start? Let us help with our tailored menu program. Get in touch so we can work together to plan something that's right for you. Our plan start as low as $89 a week. 


Alex W.

"They were so helpful when I was trying to start my new diet. They made it easy and tasty!"

Jasmine D.

"The catering for my business dinner was perfect and the staff were lovely!"

Mark M.

"Make sure your try their cookie platter. It was a hit at my office!"


Please note: this is a sample menu and is fully customizable to your needs

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Call for appointment. We come to you for you convenience and to save you time. We have a special staff that comes to you to make the experience all the more tailor made. Where else puts your time first?

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